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Consolidar la identidad de la zona mediante la promoción de la Cultura del Mar

Gac Gulf of Castellammare e Carini


3.B1 - Marketing Plan

The Marketing Plan of the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini, implemented by Nouvelle Studio Ltd, is an instrument inserted into the local development plan to build a renewed relationship between tourism and fisheries, in order to offer new opportunities to the first and new vitality to the second

The project objective is to catalogue and classify the services present in the nine municipalities of the GAC, as well as identifying the target market to define the best positioning of the offer.

The Marketing Plan of the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini has however enabled the creation of a series of preparatory tools as output for the successful implementation of the marketing plan, namely:

  • Realization of 10 vouchers to bring tourists in the area, selected with the help of  local economic operators, the fishing tourism activities;
  • Events to promote fisheries diversification activities such as those proposed in the course of the villages of taste by the sailing Center "Isola del vento" (Island of the Wind), by the Diving Association "Jacques Cousteau" and by the Pescatour "Explora Fondali";
  • Realization of a cartographic map with the main findings of the GAC;
  • Realization of three audiovisuals telling fishing trips, diving and analysis of culinary excellence , cultural and environmental evidence present in the territory with English subtitles.

The heart of the whole project action was the realization of a real Village of Taste. The Village of Taste was created with the intent of spreading the culture and use of locally caught fish, through the rediscovery of the culinary, wine and food traditions of the villages of the Gulfs of Castellammare and Carini.

The first Village of  the Taste took place from Friday 10 to Sunday 12 July in Castellammare del Golfo, with the participation of the Italian naval League.

The program has included Cooking show organized by National Association of "Cuoche a domicilio" (Cooks at home) and by Mirko Catanzaro, a young celebrity chef of the restaurant "Mirko's" of Castellammare del Golfo. There were also presented three exhibitions: a "Borghi Marinai dei Golfi di Castellammare e Carini" (Maritime Villages of Castellammare and Carini), an Audiovisual on places of the GAC with three documentary videos and a documentary on the recovery of the memory of the little port of San Cataldo. At the press conference opening event intervened the Mayor of Castellammare del Golfo, Nicolò Coppola; the Chair of the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini, Pietro Puccio; Giovanni Basciano, the GAC Board Component of Castellammare and Carini; Davide Tumbarello, Locamare Coast Guard Commander of Castellammare del Golfo and the Project Manager of the Marketing Plan of the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini, Paolo Giarletta.

Attention was also given to the literary and artistic culture with the presentation of the book by Marcella Croce entitled "Guide to the lost flavours", a journey through stories and secrets of Sicilian food with forty old recipes and with the story of the expansion project of the Museum of the Sea in the Castle of Castellammare del Golfo.

The Village of Taste of Isola delle Femmine (Island of Women), held from 17 to 19 July, saw the participation of sailing Center "Isola del Vento " (Island of winds), of Diving Association "Jacques Cousteau" and of Pescatour "Explora Fondali" . The inaugural conference had as speakers the Mayor of Isola delle Femmine, Stefano Bologna; the Chair of the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini, Pietro Puccio and the technical coordinator of the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini, Andrea Ferrarella. 

In Isola delle Femmine were also presented three exhibitions: a Photographic Exhibition "The maritime villages of the Gulf of Castellammare and Carini", an Audiovisual with the three  documentary videos on places of the GAC and a Documentary on the recovery of the memory of the little port of San Cataldo. 

The Cooking Show was entrusted to the President of the National Association "Cuoche a Domicilio" (Cooks at home) Maria Elena Curzio and the partner Fabrizia Ventura, who worked together in taste education activities together with "Chef a casa tua" (Chef at your home) Gerardo Denza and Clemente Gaeta and with Angelo Mannino, chef of the restaurant "Torre Alta" of Capaci. The activities of the Village of Taste concluded by a special evening entitled "Sea stories, Love stories," in which two pairs of chefs (two men and two women)  interpreted the wine and food tradition of Isola delle Femmine, inspired by the stories and suggestions of Mario Indovina, Slow Food Convivium Palermo; Francesco Crisci, the Councillor for urban planning of the municipality of Isola delle Femmine; Maria Floriti, the editor of "Palermo Viva" and Rossella Puccio, the counsil member of culture and tourism of Isola delle Femmine. During the event, led by the journalists Sandra Pizzurro and Antonio Puzzi, was presented an experimental  project of territorial brand for the enhancement of excellence in fisheries (EFF 2007-2013 Measure Sicily 3. B2) under development by the GAC gulfs of Castellammare and Carini. The speakers Rocco Bellone (Explora), Francesco Di Lorenzo (Isola del Vento) and Dario Sanfilippo (ASD Jacques Cousteau) also intervened .

The villages of taste welcomed more than 1500 visitors at stage, providing a total of over 1000  tasting Buffets prepared by companies Palazzolo and Pitò and Cooking Show.

In addition to the Village of Taste, the Marketing Plan also supported the event "Sarde in Piazza" in Trappeto (Sunday, 28 June) and the reopening of  much attended Church of San Cataldo in Terrasini (Tuesday, 30 June). Once a  fishermen's place of prayer, nowadays Church's restoration and a documentary exhibition, for which  were made 5 illustrative panels and boards with 9 subjects ,  tell about its several stages from decay to restoration.


Download the Italian version of Marketing Plan Project Report


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